Blog Navigation Tips

Following are some tips for navigating our blog with a screen reader.

On the homepage:

Use your screen reader’s heading navigation to get to different parts of the blog.

A search field is located at the top of the homepage under the list of pages and above the first post. You can use this to search the blog for a specific topic.

At heading level 1 you will find the blog title. Below this are links to the home page as well as links to the other blog pages, for example, About and Blog Navigation Tips.

At heading level 2 you will find the post titles.

At Heading level 3 you will find headings within individual posts.

At Heading level 4 you will find the following:

• Archives – Use these links to find older posts.
• Categories – Use these links to find posts on specific topics.
• Authors – Use these links to find posts by individual authors.
• Blog Roll – Use these links to open other interesting blogs and websites on yarn craft.
• Email Subscription – Use this form to sign up for emails containing the entire content of each new post. Below this are the RSS links that can be Used to sign up for the RSS feed.

on individual post pages:

If you press enter on the title of a post, the page that opens contains that post. This is the page you add to favorites if you want to bookmark a specific tutorial or pattern.

To find posts that are older or newer than the one showing on the page, use your browser or screen reader to find the word “previous ” or “next,” and press enter.

To share the post, use the links directly after the post text.

To leave a reply, find the level 3 heading labeled , “leave a reply,” and arrow down, or navigate to the second form field from the top of the page.

The search field, blog pages, and items at heading level 4 are also displayed on this page.

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