Why I wanted To Write Tutorials

When my sister-in-law, Tammy, taught me to knit it immediately became my favorite pastime. She taught me the basics and I took off. We were both surprised by how easily and quickly I progressed.

I was very lucky to have someone to teach me this wonderful craft. Tammy took the time to close her eyes and think about how to describe the steps so that I would be able to understand without having to see what she was doing. It helped that she was there to direct my fingers and needles when I needed help following her directions. After I learned the basics she was there to help when I had questions. “What does ssk mean?” I would call her up and she would explain. Then I discovered the knitting resources and communities online and branched off on my own.

A lot of the tutorials and explanations I found referred to pictures with captions like “Hold your needles as shown in Photo C.” These were almost no help at all. It occurred to me that there really should be instructions written so that blind people could understand and learn to knit even if they didn’t have someone to show them in person.

It was about 3 years ago when I set out to write a whole series of blog posts to teach knitting and crochet to blind people. The articles have sat on my computer since then. They taunted me when they got the chance. “We could be helping someone if you would post us online.” They whispered to me when I passed over their folder on my way to something else.

A few months ago another member of the BlindStitchers group on Google published a whole book aimed at teaching blind people to knit. It just goes to show how much need there really is for this type of instruction.  I haven’t read his book but the descriptions he posts to the Google group are always very detailed. After this I thought, Maybe my tutorials aren’t needed any more. Then I decided that was definitely wrong. The bottom line is that everyone explains things differently and you never know which description will make a light bulb go off in someone’s head.

So, here are links to the tutorials I wrote all those years ago along with Davey’s book. I recommend using every resource you can get your hands on. If you are learning to knit, good luck. It’s a wonderful adventure.

Tutorial: Slip Knot

Tutorial: Casting On

Tutorial: Knit Stitch

Tutorial: Purl Stitch

Tutorial: Binding Off

Davey’s Book, The Touch of Yarn

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  1. Stephanie
    Jun 01, 2011 @ 18:19:44


    Thank you for posting these tutorials and related links. Although I am not sure which craft I will ultimately choose, your tutorials were exactly what I needed to spark my interest. I have found tons of tutorials for sighted would-be knitters and crocheters, but none that really helped blind learners. Please consider adding a few tutorials describing the various crochet stitches.


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